Black Star - K.O.S (Determination) ((ClassicMaterial))

Head to Philly & Free Mumia with the #KUJICHAGULIA True..

Knowledge Of Self iz like life after death
With that u never worry about your last breath
Death comes, that’s how I’m livin, it’s the next days
The flesh goes underground, the book of life, flip the page
Yo they askin me how old, we livin the same age
I feel the rage of a million nagas locked inside a cage
At exactly which point do u start 2 realize
That life without knowledge iz death in disguise?
That’s whY, kNOwLedge Of Self is like life after death
Apply it, 2 your life, let Destiny Manifest
Different day, same confusion, we’re gonna take this
hip-hop sh!t & keep it movin, shed a little light
Now y’all bloomin like a flower with the power of the evident
Voices & drums original instruments
In the flesh presently presentin my representation

With that what? (Knowledge Of Self) Determination…


Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves.

  12/27/12 at 10:13am
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